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1 Year TpT-versary

I realize that many of you are on summer vacation....ok, I'll speak for myself...I'm on summer vacation...and truly taking the summer off (of work and everything work related...granted, my summer vacation is only three weeks long so I'm making the most of this precious non-school time and I hope you are too) to enjoy time off with my husband and family.  David and I got back on Monday from a wonderful {just the two of us} trip to Key West.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I love me children dearly...they are by far, my very best creations, but time alone was pure bliss.  Here we are at Mallory Square watching the sunset.

Then, tomorrow morning, we fly {with the kids}to Washington state, for a week with the southeast corner of the state, in a small SMALL town called Dayton.  I'll post pics on  It will be hot hot HOT.  

David's father and brother are wheat and barley farmers, so we'll be among the wheat fields, perhaps taking day trips to wineries and the Columbia River, but mostly relaxing, eating and shopping.  Again, I'll post pics on

Realizing though that many of you are heading back to school soon, if not already, I wanted to celebrate my 1 Year TpT-versary. One year ago this week, I added my first real product, my Beginning of the Year Teacher Bonanza Bundle, and my little store, thanks to YOU, has only grown thank you...and enjoy 20% this weekend, if you feel like shopping.  Although Hello Literacy loves TeachersPayTeachers (hence the tree clipart HL X TpT) my true love is YOU! Thank you for following me from the very 2006, when I entered cyberspace! Ya'll are the best!  -Jen

My TpT Store:

BTW...I have not forgotten those of you who I promised a post about my trip to Arkansas...when I get back I will blog about the Vocabulary PD I provided to Sonora Elementary {you may remember that school as I was there back in January to provide Common Core training}...we had a great day of learning how to create and develop Tier 3 content vocabulary lists, in addition to Marzano's 6-steps for delivering and practicing Tier 3 words. Then in the afternoon, we focused on how to provide direct explicit vocabulary instruction of Tier 2 words through Text Talk lessons. A direct instruction technique {original lesson format source from Beck & McKeown's Bringing Words to Life: Robust Vocabulary Instruction} but taught to me by a great teacher and friend, Lisa Worthy, whom I had the pleasure of working with while teaching at P.K. Yonge in Gainesville, Florida, from 2003-2006.  Sonora teachers worked in teams to learn the lesson format, then designed and created a collaborative text talk lesson.  In that post, I will add pics, the powerpoint I created and links supporting documents. 

Oh... and I've made about 10 or so new fonts, since my last upload...which I will add to my right sidebar for anyone that wants to use them for personal and non-commercial use...but if you grab the commercial license while it's on sale {if you plan to use Hello fonts in any products you make and sell for profit}, you will continue to enjoy the perks of the license as I continually add new fonts all the time without changing the license price.  

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Summer Update, Common Core & More

The Jones Family in Key West...this year David's ALE (Association of Leadership Educators) conference was in Key West, Florida.  We had never been there before and we had a great time.  We decided to take a  family photo near Sunset Pier where "our yacht" just happened to be docked...;-) I wish! Anyway, our trip was not complete without several night visits to see the Catman...what a character! 

After Key West, we headed out to St. Louis for my brother's wedding reception.  It was great to see my so many family members, both my side and Becky's side.  Here's a photo of my mom and I at the reception...she is my all time creative design inspiration!!! I just love her to pieces!!!

Now, onto school and work many of you know, I teach at a year-round school so our 3-week summer break (track-out) is rapidly coming to a close...although I do have to be at school all day tomorrow to present bits and pieces of the New to Lake Myra Staff Orientation, Friday is my last day before I must officially start back to work on Monday.  Like many many schools, we are rolling out the Common Core this year. Last winter and spring, much of our staff development, in both math and ELA, focused on understanding the shifts and thinking behind the Common Core documents. Below you will find the ppt and digital handouts I created and used during the ELA staff development. 

And here is the digital hyperlinked handout/agenda, that I also created and used to present more details about the Common Core roll-out for ELA to the Lake Myra staff. I have been told that this document is very helpful and should be shared, so here it is.  I also heard from many staff members that they appreciated the paper-free zone of this meeting and the ease of accessing it in their Inbox whenever they wanted to go back and refer to it later....vs. "those lost handouts..."

{Download the hyper-linked handout here}

HERE is also one more CCSS resource document that you might find helpful,
 shared with me by a good friend and staff developer in California, also a state adopting the CCSS. 

 In addition, we are rolling out Writing Workshop (supported by staff development and a grade level writing per grade a Coach the Coaches model).  We will continue on with Marzano's High Yield Strategies, Classroom Walkthroughs and adding a new vocabulary layer this year with a school-wide focus on Tier 2 vocabulary words from novels in the read-aloud titles in the lexile stretch bands.  I will share these documents as we create them.  For the most part, we are following C-MAPP ( very closely this year with such high accountability at stake. C-MAPP is our district's curriculum management platform with the pacing guides, lessons, curriculum, resources, assessments, etc.  We have also purchased the Common Core Curricular Plans by Lucy Calkins for Reading and Writing and plan to use those as a "nice marriage" with the C-MAPP curriculum for reading and writing.  The district literacy department is also endorsing Daily 5 for  a reading block structure, so although we are not "officially" a Daily 5 school, NOT doing it seems to be more fight than just doing it.  We have always been a Readers Workshop & Guided Reading school, but so so so so many of the district documents we are being provided with, are 'riddled' with Daily 5 resources.  If you have any insight or positive comments to share regarding the transition from Readers Workshop and Guided Reading to Daily 5, I would sure love to hear them.

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