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Thursday, March 28, 2013

I'm Tracked Out, but Hello Literacy's On the Road Again!

Look, they even made me a cute name tent!

You all may have remembered my trip to Arkansas on my January track-out (track-out is a year-round school term that means when I'm off school) to present my Common Core presentations to the staff at Sonora Elementary School...well, most recently, I had the pleasure of presenting my Hello Common Core presentations (Part 1 and Part 2) to the teachers at Hodge Road Elementary School, here in the Wake County Public School System, last Friday, and to the teachers at Barnwell Elementary School in Johns Creek, Georgia, this past Monday and Tuesday.

 What a blast I had...and from the feedback I received (Ok, Barnwell, I totally just said in my head, "i before e except after c" to spell that...) they were "invigorated and inspired" according the principal, Dr. Sauce, and teachers are still talking about.  One teacher even said, "it was the best professional development I've ever had."  You know I always enjoy presenting to other staffs when I'm not teaching and presenting at my own school.  The entire staff, including Amanda Swerdlow, the Curriculum Support Teacher, who arranged to have me, and the principal, Dr. Norman Sauce, really made me feel like a rock star!  The teachers at Barnwell really have a special place in my heart. I guess that's what happens when you spend 6 "close" hours with teachers really diving into the Common Core, taking a hard, honest look at the teachers' new (less control) role in the Common Core and all the ways the "what and how" of the Common Core is preparing kids for their future.

 I spent Monday with half the staff while they had subs in their rooms, and all day Tuesday with the other half of the staff while they had subs in their rooms.  Amanda and the school secretary, really did some creative scheduling to make it all happen on such short notice.  I think it went pretty well....they've already invited me back for another day on October 15, 2013.  Seriously, to EVERYONE that attended Monday and Tuesday's PD, THANK YOU for all your kind words, touching thank-you notes, and positive words of inspiration at the end of the day, YOU are the rockstars!  A few teachers from Barnwell, a Curriculum Support Teacher from another school and the K-12 Humanities specialist from the district got together for dinner Monday night at a nearby Mexican restaurant.

I will also be doing the same Common Core presentations at an elementary school in the Fulton County Schools district, at Medlock Bridge Elementary, thanks to Debbie Doyle, the Curriculum Support Teacher, that attended the Tuesday session at Barnwell, who emailed me and said, "we really need you at Medlock Bridge." Well Debbie, I'm happy to come back and I look forward to more invigorating Common Core conversations with the Metlock staff!

Here is my schedule for upcoming PD events:
July 1 & 2 - Sonora Elementary School, Arkansas - Vocabulary Instruction
July 23 - Twin Lakes School District (four elementary schools), Indiana - Common Core
October 10 & 11 - Medlock Bridge Elementary, Georgia - Common Core
October 15 - Barnwell Elementary, Georgia 

 If Common Core training is still something your school needs, I'm happy to assist through PD in the form of a morning presentation, an afternoon workshop and/or some literacy consulting with individual teams or grade levels, just email me.  At this point, my track-out schedule is filling up for October 2013, but I available for three weeks in January 2014, and again in March of 2014.  Let me know!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

TCRWP CA Trip - Update #3 - Check-In

I know you're not tuning in to see the scenic views from San Luis Obispo, or to hear that the TCRWP provides Reading and Writing professional development all over the world, like Singapore and Taipei, Taiwan...but I will blog about my day today over several posts. 

Recognize the border on this poster??? Or how about the font in the words "Summer Institute"??? 

I played "greeter" this morning as the presenters arrived in the parking lot and showed them where to go...this conference room is their staging area for the week.

Last night Kathi and I stayed until 8:00pm to make sure everything was set and ready for check-in this morning....

...and the participants were finally here.  San Luis Coastal Unified School district is a rather small school district compared to mine, Wake County....there are 8 elementary schools in the district....and there were approximately 175 K-6 teachers in attendance for the conference, which began today and end Friday afternoon.  

I was assigned to the 2nd grade I began my morning in the demonstration workshop session. In the afternoon I was in the 4th/5th grade lecture about the Nuts and Bolts of 4th/5th grade workshop.  
I will blog about this next. I took a ton of notes, and made lots of sketches in my notebook and took as many pictures as I could (from all the sessions, not just mine). As much as I would love to create a series of "one scene" small moment posts about what I learned today...I just don't have that much time and it 11:36PM now.  I'll do my best. 

Monday, June 13, 2011

New e-Professional Development Series: Coming Soon

Coming soon.....I'm in the process of developing some electronic professional development modules.  The first one will be released this Friday.  The first module will be on exploring the benefits of Google in the classroom.   I will lead through an electronic journey of several Google applications that will have real authenic meaning for you and your professional needs.  Please let me if there are any topics you would like me to explore for future Hello e-professional development modules.